Shenzhen Dongzheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as "Dongzheng Optics") is an optical solution supplier focusing on large target imaging systems. We are committed to providing cost-effective visual imaging solutions for industrial automation users, and flexible and distinctive optical imaging solutions for users in the film and television culture industry. Different from European, American and Japanese brands with a heavy sense, Dongzheng Optical is entering the international market with a young and energetic image, and is gradually known to the industry.

Dongzheng Optics is mainly composed of a group of key personnel who love the optical industry and have many years of experience in industry research, production and sales. The current number of employees is 209. Dongzheng Optics has a 100,000-level optical assembly production line and machining production line in Shenzhen, covering an area of 6,000 square meters.

Dongzheng optical products are mainly large target surface line scan, area array and telecentric lenses, which are mainly used in new energy, photovoltaic, semiconductor, printing, textile, automobile, food color sorting, pharmaceutical and 3C electronic product manufacturing industries. After various tests of products from customers in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific,
Now we can confidently say to the world: We are ready!

Brand Spirit
  • DZO
    The reason why the brand is heavy is that it carries the expectations of the enterprise and sculpts the brand of the times. Years and teams endow the DZO brand born in the 2010s with the soul.
  • Indomitable
    As a local Chinese enterprise, DZO has inherited the excellent quality of the Chinese nation, and is never afraid of challenges from various technologies and craftsmanship, let alone failure. DZO people will never succumb to any obstacle, the end point of DZO people is only success.
  • Keep improving
    A brand may not have a long history, but it cannot have stable quality; a new product may not be perfect, but it cannot stop at the moment. "Continuous improvement" is the philosophy that every DZO person firmly upholds.
  • Explore and innovate
    We feel the world and we want more. DZO people are eager to contact more new fields, eager to innovate, eager to break through the satisfaction brought by that moment.