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Tips for Customization
  • 01
    The customized demand side needs to have a very clear concept of the desired performance of the optical product.
    For example: to understand the relationship between optical parameters and the corresponding imaging performance, the relationship between optical parameters and so on. If you have questions about a parameter in the process of communicating project requirements, you can ask our service personnel for more detailed information.
  • 02
    Fully share application scenarios with DZO.
    In custom cases, most of the failure cases usually come from the following three situations:
    a. The customer’s understanding of the relationship between optical parameters and imaging performance is not deep enough, and there are contradictions in the requirements;
    b. The customer does not know enough about the processing limit of optical parts.
    b. The customer does not know enough about the supplier’s manufacturing capabilities.
    The above three problems can be solved by sharing application scenarios with DZO. Our team can advise customers according to their own processing capabilities and imaging standards of related applications, and help customers complete the definition of optical parameters. We recommend signing an NDA with DZO to protect your project information before delving into project requirements.
  • 03
    Availability of sample quantities and estimated annual demand.
    In order to get the most cost-effective solution, our service personnel will ask you for the quantity of samples and the annual quantity of the project for price calculation. If you have expected goals, please let us know so that we can control costs through material selection in the design stage.
  • 04
    Sample delivery and bulk delivery.
    If you have a very urgent need for mass production time, please tell our service staff about your troubles during the design stage, which will help us provide you with a solution.
Off-peak delivery time (this timetable is for reference only, the actual delivery time may vary due to the processing cycle of materials and parts, as well as the difficulty of design and production. Please consult our service personnel for Get more accurate due dates!)
1Industrial lensPhotography/Cine lens
  • Optical designStructural designSample productionMass production
  • 2~4 weeks1~3 weeks8~12 weeks12~16 weeks
  • 4~6 weeks2~4 weeks8~16 weeks16~20 weeks
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